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Trio Diamond Shaped Pink Amethyst Frame Necklace-NE366

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Introducing a mesmerizing masterpiece from our handcrafted jewelry collection – Trio Diamond Shaped Pink Amethyst Frame Necklace.

This exquisite piece exudes elegance and charm, perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

At the heart of this necklace lies a stunning 1.4cm x 0.9cm Pink Amethyst Faceted Oval, delicately cradled by a trio of dazzling diamond shaped frame, each meticulously hand-placed to create an enchanting look. The soft, pastel hue of the pink amethyst captures the essence of grace and sophistication, making it a true focal point of the design.

Complementing the pendant's regal allure are the meticulously chosen elements that surround it. A symphony of 2-3mm Pink Amethyst Faceted Rondelles encircles the pendant, adding a delicate touch of playfulness to the piece. Interwoven among these lovely gems are lustrous 2.5-2.8mm White Round Freshwater Pearls, each pearl a symbol of timeless beauty and purity.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this necklace features 14K Gold Filled Components and Chains that enhance its luxurious appeal. The gold's warm radiance harmonizes with the pink amethyst, creating an opulent contrast that elevates the overall aesthetic.

This Pink Amethyst Frame Necklace measures 16.3 inches (41.5cm) with an additional 5cm (1.96 inches) Extension Chain, allowing you to adjust the length to suit your desired style and neckline.

Whether worn as a statement piece at a formal event or as a daily accessory to accentuate your unique style, the Pink Amethyst Oval Pendant with Trio Diamond Frame Necklace is a testament to your refined taste and the artistry of handcrafted jewelry.

Materials :

-1.4cmx0.9cm Pink Amethyst Faceted Oval

-2.5-2.8mm White Round Freshwater Pearls

-2-3mm Pink Amethyst Faceted Rondelles

-14K Gold Filled Components and Chains

Total Length :

16.3 inch (41.5cm) + 5cm (1.96inch) Extension Chain

Shipping :

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