Below are some of the Testimonials from Happy Customers :


Very Happy to find Izelangdesigns

I was aimlessly browsing IG when izelangdesigns popped into view. I really love the delicate, handcrafted designs, especially the detachable earrings using both pearls and crystals. I am really happy to have gotten some beautiful pieces of earrings where I could mix and match the design according to my fancy and mood!  I also managed to get the lemon quartz, chalcedony and pearl bracelet! Really lucky to see izelandesigns when I did!

-HMW, Lemon Quartz Bracelet, Detachable Keshi Pearl Earrings


Unique Handmade Jewelries!

Thanks Izel for the beautiful craftsmanship! I'm in love with the bracelets I recently purchased from you.

The designs are unique and eye catching. what really sets them apart is the use of free-form gems that adds a touch of class and individuality that makes them so special. :) awaiting your other designs in due time.

-AAng, Grey Moonstone Wrapped Knots Bracelet and Lepidocrocite and Wire Weaved Garnet Bracelet


Unique and Delicate!

"I love jewellery designs especially those that are unique and delicate. All these can be found in Izelangdesigns. I was impressed when I opened my package as the bracelet that I ordered was beyond beautiful. I really love the exquisite design. Thank you for your beautiful handmade piece!"

-S, Custom Made Bracelet


Amazing Workmanship

"I have known Izel for a long time and have quite a few items custom made by her. She's creative and I'm amazed with how many designs she could come up with. She definitely have a pair of good hands, the workmanship is good and her service excellent!"

-P, 1 Custom Made Bracelet, 2 Custom Made Earrings


Love the Jewelries here

"Izelangdesigns is my go to place for uniquely crafted jewellery pieces,. Izel's creativity and passion shines with her thoughtful ideas. It's a wonderful surprise when she presents the final piece and always exceeds my expectations. Izelangdesigns provides great gifts for a loved one or just to spoil yourself!"

-S, 5 Custom Made Necklace, 3 Custom Made Earrings, 2 Custom Made Bracelets


Great Place for Small Pearl studs

"I am already planning my next buy from Izel! It is very hard to find pearls that are smaller and I finally found them at Izelangdesigns. The pearls are of great quality with beautiful sheen. Izel shipped out the earrings the same day and I received it within 2 days! Izel was really kind and helpful and answered my queries patiently and taught me how to look after my new pearl babies! As a pearl lover, Izelangdesigns has a new loyal fan!"

-J, AAA Freshwater Pearls Button Stud Earring


Love the minimalist design and great service

 "I was super attracted to the design and simplicity of these series of Pearl earrings. There were a few sizes to choose from and it was perfect for what I was looking for. 

Izel is very prompt to all my enquiries and very friendly to talk to! It makes me feel like I am not just buying something, but having a personal touch from the designer herself.

The packaging is really lovely and super sweet-lots of thoughts and efforts were put into it.

I will definitely buy more for myself or as gifts in the future. :)"

#Supportindepedant designer.

-H, AAA Freshwater Pearls Button Stud Earrings


My favourite Jewelries

"I love the designs from Izel!! She is creative and offers so much options for me to choose that I was literally spoilt for choices! I ended up making more than one pair of earrings because I just couldn't choose what I like!

Definitely will recommend to anyone whom wants a unique piece of jewelry."

-A, 3 pairs of Custom Made Earrings and a Bracelet


Classic Pieces to wear for years

"Having know Izel for many years, I was not aware of the creative side of hers. Till when i see her jewelry pieces I realised how talented my friend is! She is good with details, color coordination, while still cater to my preferences in gemstones. She also takes great consideration of what my likes and dislikes are so she ensures that I will have a piece of jewelry that I will wear for years."

-B, Custom Made Necklace


Great site and style!!

The pieces from Izelangdesigns brought about so many conversation starters for me that I get endless compliments for my taste and style. I stumbled upon her site when I was surfing net and decided to treat myself to something nice. Little did I know that I was hooked. Now I am constantly waiting for her new collection!

Her workmanship is excellent and her willingness to share continues to wow me as I learn so much. I didn't know there are so much knowledge behind all the pieces that are being put together.

I will continue to support her and will share her beautiful jewelries with my family and friends too. In fact, I already did!!"

-H, 2 pieces of Wired Earrings with Gemstones


She caters to my every need and I love the custom made designs!

 "Known Izel at workplace and she was not interested in handicrafts back then. I was surprised that she got hooked on to jewellery making after she left the workplace. And, I am impressed by her creativity and unique design. Contacted her to see if she can search something related to my birth stones and she has customized it for me. Just feels great! Follow by a bracelet and recently 2 pairs of lucky quartz earrings. Really appreciated."

-M, 1 pendant, 1 bracelet and 2 pairs of customized wired earrings


Keshi Pearls

"I bought 9 pairs of keshi pearl studs of various colours and sizes. Seller was really nice to send me pics and videos to let me choose which pair I wanted. The pearl studs were well packed and arrived in good condition. I really liked the colour and sheen of the pearls."

-J, 9 pairs of keshi pearl earrings


One of my favourites

"Shiny, quality akoyas. As a first-time shopper, I'm impressed by Izel and her quest for quality jewellery and wonderful customer service. She is very meticulous and thoughtful! Thanks! Will be back :)"

-R, 1 pair of White Akoya Pearls


Can't Wait

"I thought of a good friend when I saw this exceptional design which is so fun to wear. There are many ways to wear this and I'm sure my friend will like this. Thanks Izel!"

-R, 1 pair of Pearl stud and gemstone dangling earring


Nice Earring

"I love the black pearl so much, which is really nice to wear."

-S, 1 pair of simple rice shaped Pearl drop earring


Good size and good lustre pretty white pearls!

"Happy to make this purchase of white Akoya pearls. Love the size and lustre!"

-G, 1 pair of White Akoya Pearls


 Beautiful Pearls and Service


 "Nice lustre and size. Good for daily wear, adds a touch of elegance. Seller is helpful and fast delivery. Got the 7mm for my daughter too."

-J, 2 pairs of Keshi Pearl Studs


Simple and Stunning

"Love the studs. Izel has been very meticulous and most thoughtful. Really appreciate her customer service. One of the most attentive designers I've come across! Thanks alot for the beautiful packaging too!"

-R, 1 pair of Akoya Pearl Stud


Wow, the colour!

"Loved the colour. Is button, and good with daily casual wear. Seller is helpful and responds fast."

-J, 1 pair of Button Freshwater Pearls


My first Akoya Pearls

"A good buy even with the slight blemish - pearl is organic after all. Loved it. Thanks for seller helping me make my choice."

-J, 1 pair of White Akoya Pearl Studs


My Daily Wear

This pair of studs is one of my daily wear..simply glows and beautiful to wear. Love the colour which has a tinge of pink to it. Have gotten the other pair of coral pink for a good friend's bday gift and she likes it too! Thanks again! :)

-R, 2 pair of Edison Pearl Studs


Love the Services here!

First time buyer and so surprised by the thoughtful packaging and prompt delivery. Izel is very helpful and friendly and best of all, her pearl earrings are what you see. The 7-8mm keshi pearls look so cute. Glad I found Izelangdesigns 👍 ☺️ definitely a go to for my own personal collection and for friends too.

-KL, 1 pair of White Akoya Pearl Studs and 1 pair of Keshi Pearl Studs


Versatile and Pretty Necklace

I love that the chain is really delicate because I don't like chunky chains. The workmanship is great and I love the unique circular design :)

-PL, White Circular Pearl Pendant


Bold and Unique Look

My 4th purchase. Bold and unique look. Very outstanding!

-LC, 1 pair of White Round Akoya Pearl Stud, 1 pair of 5mm Freshwater Button Pearl Stud, 1 pair of Light Gold Akoya Pearl Stud with Cubic Zirconia and 1 pair of Electric Blue Purple Edison Pearl Stud


Great Services
I have purchased several items from Izelangdesigns. Most of their jewelries are simple but yet elegant. I’m always happy with all the purchases I made from the packaging, quality of the product as well as the service and thoughtfulness of Izel.  More power to your team.
-GD, Baroque Pearl Pendant, Edison Pearl Stud, Silver Akoya Pearl Stud and Freshwater Pearl Stud