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Metallic Purple Edison Pearl Stud Earring-EGM074

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8-9mm 4A Metallic Purple Edison Pearl Stud

These 8-9mm Metallic Purple Edison Pearl Stud Earring strike the perfect balance between elegance and glamour.

Crafted with premium metallic purple Edison pearls and 14K gold filled stud bases, these Metallic Purple Edison Pearl Stud Earring will make a statement whether worn on a special occasion or for everyday wear.

The pearls' unique metallic sheen is sure to draw the eye, and the earrings are designed to be comfortable to wear all day long.

Details for this piece of Jewellery : 

Gemstone : 8-9mm Metallic Purple Edison Round Pearls
Metal : 14K Gold Filled Stud Base and Ear nut
Birthstone : June (Pearl)

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About Edison Pearls : 

Edison pearl is a type of freshwater pearl that is known for its large size, high luster, and unique colors. Edison pearls are formed in a similar way to other freshwater pearls, but the process is more complex and requires a higher level of skill from the pearl farmer.

To produce an Edison pearl, a small bead is implanted into the gonad of a freshwater mussel. The mussel then secretes layers of nacre, which is the same material that forms the shell of a mollusk. Over time, the bead becomes coated in nacre, forming a pearl.

Edison pearls are typically larger than other freshwater pearls, ranging in size from 9 to 16 millimeters. They are also known for their high luster, which is a measure of their shininess. Edison pearls can be found in a variety of colors, including white, pink, peach, gold, and purple.

Edison pearls are a relatively new type of pearl, having been first introduced in the early 2000s. They are named after the famous inventor Thomas Edison, who was known for his innovative spirit. Edison pearls are quickly becoming popular among jewelry lovers because of their beauty, affordability, and durability.

About 14K Gold Filled: 

14K gold filled is made by bonding a layer of 14K gold to a base metal, such as brass or copper. The gold layer is at least 5% of the total weight of the item. This makes 14K gold filled a much more durable and affordable alternative to solid gold jewelry.

To make 14K gold filled jewelry, a sheet of 14K gold is fused to a base metal under high heat and pressure. The two metals are then rolled out into a sheet or wire, which can then be used to make jewelry.

14K gold filled jewelry has many benefits, including:

  • Durability: 14K gold filled jewelry is much more durable than gold plated jewelry. The gold layer is much thicker and more bonded to the base metal, making it less likely to chip, peel, or tarnish.
  • Affordability: 14K gold filled jewelry is much more affordable than solid gold jewelry. This is because the base metal makes up a large portion of the item's weight.
  • Hypoallergenic: 14K gold filled jewelry is hypoallergenic, meaning that it is less likely to cause allergic reactions than other metals, such as nickel.
  • Versatility: 14K gold filled jewelry can be worn for any occasion, from everyday wear to special occasions. It is also available in a wide variety of styles, so you can find pieces that match your personal taste.

Overall, 14K gold filled is a great choice for jewelry lovers who want the look and feel of gold jewelry without the high price tag. It is also a good choice for people with sensitive skin, as it is less likely to cause allergic reactions.

Jewellery Care : 

  • Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place when you're not wearing it. This will help to prevent tarnishing and damage. Izelangdesigns' pieces comes with a ziplock bag and jewelry pouch for your use. Please store your jewelries with them.
  • Remove your jewelry before showering, swimming, or exercising. Sweat, chlorine, and other chemicals can damage your jewelry.
  • Avoid exposing your jewelry to harsh chemicals, such as perfumes, hairspray, and cleaning products.
  • Clean your jewelry regularly with a soft cloth and mild soap. You can also use a jewelry polishing cloth to restore shine.

About Packaging : 

We want to make sure your jewelry arrives in perfect condition, so we take great care in packaging it. All jewelry is carefully wrapped in a jewelry gift box, with a polishing cloth, ziplock bag, and jewelry pouch. We also include a care tip card so you can keep your jewelry looking its best.

If you're giving this piece of jewelry as a gift, please let us know in the notes section of your order. We'll include a blank gift card so you can add your own personal touch.

We hope you and your loved ones enjoy your new jewelry!

Shipping : 

This pairs of earring ships by Smartpac Registered Postage for local and Registered Airmail for International. A tracking number will be given to the customer once the parcel has been send out. Or alternatively, contact me at below email for any shipping upgrades to DHL or FedEx.

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