Welcome Post

Welcome Post

First of all, thank you for taking the time to be here. Seriously, you can be surfing at other online handmade shops but you have given Izelangdesigns site a chance, by reading this.

I cannot thank you enough with my words so instead of doing so, I figured I can contribute my part by sharing more about what I know, on this topic about jewelries, how I make them, how I visualise them and what I want my jewelries to portray. 

If you have read my About Page (link : https://izelangdesigns.com/pages/about ), you will know a little bit about me and my profile as a Jewelry Designer.

Over here, I am going to go into more details, telling you guys more about myself and what I really do, so you can join me to continue reading and hopefully subscribe to join in my community so you can stay up to date with the latest news and ongoings as there are always new exciting things happening!

About Izel Ang

I am a typical locally born and breed type of Singaporean gal. I went to Singapore Polytechnic and graduated with a Diploma in Materials Engineering. I am not crazy about it (It is a very dry and boring subject, to me) but I didnt know that it is going to be so useful to me, at a later stage of my life. So I went on and worked after I graduated and started to cross over to Marketing when my previous job required someone with an engineering background, to work in Marketing.

I was lucky enough to be able to travel for work at such a young age and given the chance to see the world. Being young and curious, I learn so much from my traveling that I started to expand my horizon, both professionally and personally.

When I was young, I had always love jewelries. I love to buy pretty pieces and wear them. I will mix and match and paired them with my favourite outfits and bags and I am proud of my own style.

As time goes by, I gotten curious and started to explore with different type of designs, styles and materials. I researched through books on how to make them, what materials do they use, and what type of looks or styles will look good on me. 

At the same time, I got married and started to have our own little space. 

I remembered that my husband suggested this idea to me as a joke to start my own line of jewelries and start to teach others more about Jewelry Making. I didnt take it so seriously back then because I have never thought about starting a jewelry business or about becoming an educator whom can teach others whom are keen to learn this craft.

It took me another 2 more years before everything started to be seen more clearer. I took the leap and started my own line of jewelries and starting teaching at my home studio. My classes was over-whelmed and I have consistent flow of students and I was still creating my own style of jewelries and selling them at my own site (www.chainofbeads.com) and Etsy.  I worked on my jewelry line and teaches for about 8 more years before I slowed down and started to have my own family. 

It was overwhelmed for me to continue to work when I have became a full time mum. I was very dedicated to my kids and attended to them wholeheartedly. I made a decision to slow down because I could not full both roles in my own terms, to a level that I think is satisfactory. I could not balance well and I ended up with too much stress as a new mum. 

I have learned to listen to what my heart says and made a decision to put the business on hold, while I tend to the young. 

So, after 9 long years of being hiatus and 2 kids now, I am ready to be back online. I want to continue to create my own line of jewelries and hopefully they can spark some joy on my supporters whom are like me, enjoys wearing good quality, timeless and a style that truly expresses yourself.

About Izelangdesigns

This is a website that I can do whatever I want, to my heart's content. I can create lovely, charming jewelries that I have dreamt about, draft them in my sketchbook and also trial and error to ensure that the theory works. Any pieces that you see here are my creations that I spend time on brain-storming, color coordinating, working on each one of them, trying to bring out the best by ensuring that they are in good workmanship, so they can last for years before they are finally retired. 

I want to create pieces that bring smiles to my supporters whom will keep going back and wear them, in all kinds of occasions, years after years. 

I want to express my thoughts and ideas through my own line of jewelries so they can become a keepsake piece that can be passed down from mothers to daughters, for generations.

And slowly, I will expand what I am capable of bringing across by exploring more types of jewelries line, and also by trying out different jewelry mediums and sharing with my supporters here.

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