Some Behind the Scenes from Izelangdesigns

For this blog post, I am going to share some behind the scenes work that I have earlier, when I was in the midst of making my new designs.

Every time, before I release a new collection, I will brainstorm and plan before I execute. I will first take a look at the stone collection that I have and will start to conceptualised what I will want to do, whether is it possible to come up with a series or just one design.


For me to have a collection, first of all I will need to have enough materials that are either in matching color/shape/size or materials. 

If you have been here with me for awhile, you will have notice that my designs comes in mixed metals, a blend of 925 Oxidised Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Filled wires and findings. 

Whatever precious stones that I decide to use in my design, they will have to be able to bring out the 2 contrast wire colors in these two mediums. 

After I have select my materials, i will start to plan what kind of geometric shapes I will want to include in my pieces, matching the shape of the pre-selected stones together with it and make my geometric frame in a size that I deemed fit for my design. Since I hand-made the geometric frames in a choice of wire color that I want, I can also match back the stone color and form up a final design in my head.


I will start to draft out my designs, matching and adding small details of what I want and how I want it to look, matching them back to the pre-selected stones that I have gotten earlier.

And, once all these are ready, production starts. 

Usually, it takes me a few weeks to a month, to finish a collection of 6-8 pieces, including taking pictures, editing, uploading them to the website and doing some other back-end work on the shopify site.  This excludes the time needed to send out other outstanding orders or answer enquiries and social medias if there is any, so there really is an endless list of things to do, for me to switch in between making new items and managing the existing site.

While I was sourcing and looking for the right materials for my designs, I have also realised the amount of materials I have owned. Being a Jewelry Designer from 2007, the amount of materials I have accumulated over the years is over-whelming. 

From Swarovski Crystals to Semi-precious to precious stones, I have quite a number of things that I think I am ready to share. 

Very soon, in 2021, you will start to see that a collection of loose beads and stones will be available for sale here too. They will be in a form of small quantity per pack, so to keep the price down, and some items will be obsolete too once they are out of stock. 

So, stay tuned here and check back often if you can. 

Have a Happy Holiday with your family and friends and wishing you a great 2021! 

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