All about Pearls

All about Pearls

If you have been around here for awhile, you will have notice that there are quite a collection of pearl stud earrings here.  I have stumbled upon some great quality of Fresh Water Pearls and started to explore them more seriously. While I am still learning, I have found there are a lot of different grades, shapes, sizes and colors available.

A pearl lover, I was always amazed by their lustre and ability to shine and remain classic over the decades. I didnt spent a lot of time exploring them, mainly because I was busy admiring gemstones instead. But once I start, I became truly intrigued by how much pearls are being adored. 

Slowly, I have started to offer a small collection of Fresh Water Pearl stud earrings. I will be offering more colors, shapes and sizes of more different types of pearls from now on, since they have proven to be so popular. Plus, I have became a big fan. :)

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